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Action Moves People United Banner in Blue

Colors in the Sky

The written version of the spoken word piece that appears on the UNESCO Center for Peace CD, “Action Moves People United“ I looked up into the sun Warm on my face The sky so blue Just like I could dive …

A Plain White Sheet With a Pen and Coffee

200 Words

200 words are all that separate me from the best opportunity I’ve had in a long time and I’m terrified. What a thin line. But it’s not the words separating me, is it…? It’s 200 words at the end of …

A Group of People Holding a Homemade Sign

Time for Something Different

– Kristin Laing   You leaders, You makers of rules, I am speaking to you. When will you realize, You are human, Just like me. Your children, my children, You hurt my children, you hurt your own. I believe, That …