Colors in the Sky

The written version of the spoken word piece that appears on the UNESCO Center for Peace CD, “Action Moves People United

I looked up into the sun 
Warm on my face  
The sky so blue   
Just like I could dive into it  
And feel it between my toes  
There, high above me  
The flags of nations waved  
Caught up in the breeze  
A beautiful rainbow  
Colors and shapes dancing  
Kissing, swirling around each other.   
Flying high above the chaos.  
Every flag was different from the next  
And they didn’t care  
About the politics and the struggle  
Colors taking wing   
As a sky full of birds or butterflies  
Of Northern Lights  
Colors, music, dance  
In this moment  
I see so clearly  
We are so rare  
A tapestry of the finest thread  
This life so precious  
Our job  
Is to fill it with the wonder and awe  
Of the world we call home.  
Drink it up   
The sweet nectar of us.   
Don’t waste a drop.    
Colors in the sky  
Colors down below  
All swirl together   
In a beautiful rainbow  
The flags of nations  
The skin of peoples  
Of shapes and sizes  
Of walks of life  
What makes us different  
Makes us interesting  
The music, our dance,  
The food, our flavor,    
A bouquet  
A tapestry.