A Group of People Holding a Homemade Sign

Time for Something Different

– Kristin Laing


You leaders,

You makers of rules,

I am speaking to you.

When will you realize,

You are human,

Just like me.

Your children, my children,

You hurt my children, you hurt your own.

I believe,

That once upon a time,

You dreamt of changing the world,

Making it better.

Is it better?

Can you tell from your ivory tower?

Aren’t you tired of fighting?

The enemy runs out of energy,

When you stop giving it to him.

It is the bravest thing of all,

To walk away.

Because in that instant,

You are saying,

I want something different,

And you choose,

To do it.

The Earth can’t take much more,

Nor the people on it.

We are running out of time,


Are running




Human kind has been doing war for thousands of years,

It is time to try something different.

We, with voices, with actions,

We are done,

With your territorial pissings,

Your quest for world domination.

The trees don’t care about your politics,

The fish in the oceans,

The night sky doesn’t know.

It’s not too late,

To do something different.