Everybody has something they want to say. I connect people to the words they need to connect with the world.

I grew up in a house where screaming was the primary form of communication. I was taught from an early age just how powerful – and painful – words can be. Today, I am very sensitive to words. Words can cut deep, they can get you on the edge of your seat, they can envelope you like a warm hug. Your body reacts to words. I care deeply about the words I choose and how I use them.

On October 18, 2012, my first love and best friend, my dad, died from prostate cancer. Two months later, I got fired from the social event lighting company I was working for. I barely noticed how demoralized I felt after 15 years as a critically acclaimed event manager, too outraged that they didn’t just fire me so I could spend that time I’ll never get back with him. I walked around in a fog of grief and disenfranchisement, fed up with corporate inhumanity. I don’t even really remember verbalizing on Facebook that from my dad’s deathbed he told me to be a writer, but almost a year to the day after his death, Amy Nowacoski approached me to write for her. For ONCE, I did what my dad told me to do. A month later, I received my first check. It was the greatest day of my life – the only thing missing from it was sharing it with my dad.

I help people speak to their audience and to the people who need their message and don’t even know it. I do this because I believe in the power of efficient, mindful communication and that everyone is capable of it. I accomplish this by listening to the language of my clients and working in collaboration with them to produce content that will create the connections they desire. My specialties are blogging, web copy, feature articles and Facebook content, including branded images. I also write creative nonfiction.

I hope that you enjoy what you read and that you will check back often for new stories, new history and will comment when you see something you like!

– Kristin Laing

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