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Everybody has something they want to say. I connect people to the words they need to connect with the world.

I grew up in a house where screaming was the primary form of communication. I was taught from an early age just how powerful – and painful – words can be. Words can cut deep, put you on the edge of your seat, and envelope you like a warm hug. Your body reacts to words. I care deeply about the words I choose and how I use them.

In October 2012, through the gossamer field of dying, my father told me to become a writer. I had been an entertainment logistics and event manager for 10 years. “Sure Pop, some day,” was my flippant response. The idea was preposterous, so fantasy-driven. Didn’t Dad know how competitive the writing world is?!

And yet…

…almost a year to the day after his death, I found myself a copywriter, with my first paycheck in hand. Just months later, my first article was published on Elephant Journal. Published… like… to the public…

Today, I am a copywriter, proofreader/editor, social media manager, and marketing strategist by day and a personal essayist by night. I feel that the two writing styles complement each other. One is driven by helping people speak to and connect with their audience. The other helps me to spin the web that I believe connects us all across the globe. My ultimate dream and goal are to help people feel more connected, and understand that while our surroundings and influences may be different, we all have similar dreams and desires.

I hope that you enjoy what you read and that you will check back often for new stories, new history and will comment when you see something you like!

– Kristin

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